I have not been playing the Sims 1 for at least six months now I think, but my creations at TSR seem to still be downloaded. However since the site moved to their new server, a lot of pictures went missing. They do not let you revise the uploads when it is for the Sims 1 and even though I asked several times if my pictures could be fixed I am still waiting for a reply.

 I am currently not thinking about creating for the Sims 1 anytime soon, though you never know, I did like my game after all! In the meanwhile, I will be updating this page with everything I made for this game, linking it back to TSR for the downloads unless I am asked for an alternate link.

 Happy simming everyone!
- Kilhian

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  1. I am sorry this isn't up to date yet!
    I have been getting a few comments on TSR asking me to put up pictures, which I cannot do on their site, so I guess I will have to finish working here soon!